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Fundraising with The Good Oil

The Good Oil fundraising program is a simple and rewarding way to fundraise for your goals.

It is created for schools, clubs and sports teams needing support to raise funds. The Good Oil 1 Litre products can help you fundraise with confidence.

In the past 4 years our fundraiser has helped over 24 clubs and schools from Nelson to Waimate, and across to Buller.

Raised Per Bottle
Successful Fundraisers
On Average Raised

How it works

The average amounts raised is around $1,000 with the highest being $1,750 last year. We keep the process nice and simple.


You buy The Good Oil for $8 per bottle. Your club members sell each bottle for $12. Your club keeps $4 per bottle sold.
(Normally our bottles sell for $13 in the supermarket, so it’s a good deal for the people who purchase.)


You can either collect orders, then let us know how many bottles you need
You can estimate how many bottles you hope to sell and return any leftovers.


Download and email the completed Club Order Form to Payment is made after you’ve sold the bottles.

Club Order Form

Send us your details and order amount

Customer Order Form

Print and collect your customer orders

What does the Sunflower Oil taste like?2023-04-20T01:20:51+00:00

Naturally golden in colour with a sunflower seed taste, great for dips, dressings, salads, marinades and smoothies.

What is the taste of the rapeseed oil?2022-09-14T23:19:03+00:00

The extra virgin rapeseed oil has a delicate mildly nutty taste, delicate aroma which compliments other food flavours without overpowering and is richly golden in appearance. Making it the ideal oil for New Zealand’s diverse cooking styles.

What can I use The Good Oil for?2023-04-18T02:56:08+00:00

Ideal for roasting, frying, dressings, baking and BBQ’s. Due to the premium high oleic seed and cold pressing process, The Good Oil maintains the delicious flavour through low to high temperatures – a versatile cooking oil perfect for everyday use.

What does high oleic mean?2023-04-18T02:56:14+00:00

Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid. Using High Oleic oilseed, means the Good Oil has a higher monounsaturated fat content and which influences the heat stability of the oil and produces a higher smoke point with lower saturated & polyunsaturated fat content.

What is the benefit of Cold Pressing?2022-09-14T22:57:55+00:00

Cold pressed oils are healthier. By cold pressing our high oleic seeds we maintain naturally high amounts of vitamin E, less saturated fat and a higher smoke point which is a lot safer for your health when cooking.

Why is it called The Good Oil?2023-04-18T02:56:19+00:00

From the start of the planting process, we have full oversight of the growing, cold pressing (using no added heat or chemicals) and bottling process which all takes place in New Zealand. The utmost care is taken throughout the whole supply chain producing an oil with exceptionally low saturated fat, no trans fat and a naturally rich source of vitamin E.

Is this the same as canola oil?2022-09-14T22:59:53+00:00

The Good Oil is a New Zealand grown cold-pressed rapeseed oil. Canola in the retail market is imported and extracted from seed using added heat (seed heating) and chemicals (solvent extraction). After solvent extraction the crude oil, is refined bleached and deodorised (RBD) to produce an odourless oil which is opaque in appearance. The RBD process does not rely on high quality seed oil as the intensive processing removes any unwanted components from the crude oil.

When do I buy the bottles?2022-06-14T02:50:31+00:00

You can either order in advance or collect customer orders first and send us the completed Club Order Form with the amount you need (bottles are send in cartons of 6)

How do we collect orders for fundraising?2022-06-14T02:47:51+00:00

Download and print out the Customer Order Form to collect orders

Will you deliver the bottles?2022-06-14T02:46:49+00:00

We will send the bottles New Zealand wide (delivery fees may apply)

How many bottles are in a carton?2022-06-14T02:44:48+00:00

Each carton contains 6x1L bottles. You can choose between Sunflower or Rapeseed Oil for each carton.

How does the fundraiser work?2022-06-14T02:43:35+00:00

Download the Club Order Form, collect orders using the Customer Order Form then send us the completed Club Order Form. We will collect payment and send the bottles for you distribute.