During late spring and early summer, crop fields in the South Island come to life with the golden flowers of premium rapeseed. We cold-press the precious oil from the seed. No chemicals. No heat. The oil retains its fresh sunshine flavour and its high nutritional quality. It is pure rich golden oil with a mild nutty taste. Perfect for dressings, salads and dips and its high smoke point means it is ideal for frying roasting and baking.

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50% less
saturated fat
than olive oil

Ideal for frying
roasting, dressings,
and baking

source of
vitamin E

The Good Oil Bottle
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The Good Oil is grown in South Canterbury and Southland where, in early summer the fields come to life with brilliant golden rapeseed flowers.

Once harvested the rapeseed is delivered to Pure Oil New Zealand’s modern crush plant in Rolleston, Canterbury where it is cold pressed, with no added heat or chemicals, to extract the oil.

Natural Nutrition

The ‘High Oleic’ rapeseed used in the production of the Good Oil provides a unique, beneficial balance of fats:
  • Low in saturated fat - 50% less than olive oil.
  • High in stable, healthy monounsaturated fat.

The Good Oil is a fresh and minimally processed oil. Naturally rich in Vitamin E, an essential vitamin and beneficial dietary antioxidant.

Versatility for passionate home chefs

The Good Oil is extracted using the gentle cold-press method. Retaining all of the natural flavour, aroma, and nutritional value of the rapeseed.

The premium quality oil has a delicate mildly nutty taste, which compliments other food flavours without overpowering. Making it the ideal oil for New Zealand’s diverse cooking styles.

Ease for busy home cooks

The Good Oil’s high stable monounsaturated fat content, freshness and quality provide heat stability and a high smoke point. Making it the ideal oil for frying, roasting and baking.

The Good Oil’s deliciously golden colour, fresh cold pressed flavour and delicate aroma make it a natural choice for dipping, dressings and salads.

Sustainable and traceable quality

Pure Oil New Zealand has full oversight of the growing and oil production process. The utmost care is taken throughout the whole supply chain.

This begins with supplying GE free seeds for planting, diligent oversight of the growing and harvesting of the rapeseed crop, then storing both the oilseed and oil in the correct conditions.


The Good Coffee & Spice Cake

Download Good Oil recipe

The Good Rapeseed & Raspberry Cake

Download Good Oil recipe

The Good Canterbury A&P Show Orange Cake

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The Good Oil Kids - Good Chocolate Cupcakes

Pickup a bottle of the Good Oil and some Decorative Sprinkles from your local supermarket and have fun with your little ones making these really good cupcakes!

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Download Good Oil recipe

The Good Roast Vegetable Quiche

With quick and easy good oil base

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The Good Salmon Asparagus & Onion Quiche

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The Good Balsamic Dressing

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Jess Maclennan's Warm Winter Salad

When Jess is not playing netball she works as a Dietitian at Relish Nutrition NZ so knows all about good food.

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Jess Maclennan's Salted Peanut Butter Granola

When Jess is not playing netball she works as a Dietitian at Relish Nutrition NZ so knows all about good food.

Download Good Oil recipe

The Good Slow-Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

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The Good Roast Veggie Chips

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The Good Golden Fries

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The Good Aioli

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The Good Basil Pesto

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The Good Croutons

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The Good Caesar Salad

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Chris Dennison

Arable Farmer and Contract Rapeseed Grower for Pure Oil New Zealand

My names is Chris Dennison. Along with my wife Kay and adult children Rebecca and Harry, we grow 400 hectares of arable crops on the Waitaki Plains, just north of Oamaru. The crops produced are wheat, barley, ryegrass seed and rapeseed. We have been contract rapeseed growers for Pure Oil New Zealand since 2010 and currently grow around 80 hectares of rapeseed per year.

Our farm, Drumena Farm, is exactly on the 45th parallel, halfway between the Equator and the South Pole. It is also right next to the Pacific Ocean. I can actually throw a stone from some of my rapeseed fields into the sea. Drumena Farm has been in the family since 1919 and my father Jim who still lives on the farm is out and around the property daily at the age of 91.

Rapeseed is an important part of our cropping rotation. It helps restore valuable organic matter to the soil while the roots of the rapeseed plant act as a type of bio-fumigant which enables us to grow good crops of wheat following a rapeseed crop.

Our coastal climate and cooler summers allow rapeseed to thrive. This, along with a reliable water supply from the Waitaki River for irrigation, means that our rapeseed yields can match the best in the world. In Februrary2015 we set a new world record for rapeseed yield which was broken later that year by a grower in the UK.

Rapeseed is planted early in the autumn which makes for a busy autumn schedule. The advantage is that it ripens early in summer, spreading the harvest workload. Early ripening also means that the crop matures before the hottest time of the year. Its long root system also draws moisture from deep in the soil. So even though we do have irrigation, rapeseed is not demanding for water. Often one well timed irrigation will be sufficient, making it a very water efficient crop.

I enjoy the rapeseed harvest. It is easy to dry and a pleasure to handle as it is not dusty like other cereals. Because the plants stand tall rapeseed can also tolerate wet weather if it rains over the harvest period. We employ one permanent staff member and an extra person at harvest which helps ensure the crop is harvested quickly and transported to Pure Oil NZ’s Rolleston Crush Plant.
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Roger Lasham and Matt Murney

Pure Oil New Zealand Agronomists help grow Quality Good Oil

Our wonderful New Zealand climate is just the perfect place to grow the Good Oil, Cool winters and long sunny days over the flowering period and hopefully harvest is the ideal combination of weather to produce a quality seed that will ultimately lead to a high quality Good Oil.

The growing process is supported by one full time field agronomist and a highly experienced technical support agronomist with over 25 years growing experience of the crop, both in New Zealand and the UK.

The role of our Agronomy team is to fully support any aspect of growing the crop in a sustainable way that insures the seed is of the highest quality when it reaches our crushing plant and turned into the Good Oil.

The Agronomy team select the varieties of Oil Seed Rape from a trial program where we test seed lines in our own climate and select the best varieties for producing quality oil and a yield that provides the growers with a sustainable crop. We also select for disease resistance, anti-lodging and crops that are resistant to seed shatter. Along with helping growers plan a crop rotation that includes a range of crops to prevent disease build up and insures the crop gets off to a healthy start.

Our agronomy team looks after the crop from planting to harvest and gives growers advice on establishment methods to help them achieve the desired plant population and root structure that can support the crop in times of drought, a crop with good root structure is very efficient when it comes to utilising water and nutrients. All these things help reduce crop stress and assists with natural prevention of pests and diseases.

The crop is monitored regularly and all inputs are applied in a timely manner to insure the crop has the best possible chance of success, during the flowering period the crop is very attractive to both Bumble Bees and Honey Bees providing a good source of nectar and assist the crop with pollination to ensure good seed set.

In the lead up to harvest the crop is closely monitored to make sure that the crop is harvested at the optimum time when the seed is fully mature and of the highest quality. We aim to get the crop into store in a cool and dry state that is of the ideal moisture and temperature to store until the seed is required for the crushing process. It is attention to detail from the Growers and the Agronomy team that result in the production of a quality seed that ultimately leads to a quality Good Oil.
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