Our commitment to New Zealand consumers

Hyper Inflation in food costs is impacting the price of food at supermarkets in New Zealand. Essential items including cooking oils have witnessed some of the highest price increases due to global oil shortages.

As a New Zealand-owned business, we see it is impacting New Zealand families and therefore we at The Good Oil have decided to hold current retail prices at the supermarkets.

Interestingly the price of The Good Oil products has remained the same for the last 5 years. Like all other businesses we have also seen cost increases on our raw materials but fortunately, we are able to hold our pricing for The Good Oil with support from our parent company Pure Oil New Zealand.

The Good Oil is 100% New Zealand grown, cold-pressed, extra virgin oil. We hope that our determination to hold and price freeze is well accepted by the New Zealand consumers, and we thank you for your support of The Good Oil.

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