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4 people

Cooking time

18 minutes



How To Make Crispy Fish Burgers with Homemade Tartare Sauce

Crispy fish burgers really do make the ultimate weekend meal. Dolloped with home-made tartare sauce and served with crispy lemon pepper potato rounds. Super delicious, yet super simple! Enjoy.

  • ¼ cup flour mixed with 1 tsp salt
  • 1 egg
  • ¼ cup milk
  • 1 cup panko breadcrumbs
  • 500-600g boneless, skinless white fish fillets
  • 4 tbsp The Good Oil Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil
  • Coleslaw
  • 4 brioche burger buns

  • Place flour and salt in a bowl, whisk egg and milk together in a second bowl.
  • Add breadcrumbs to a third bowl.
  • Season fish and cut in halves.
  • Coat fish in flour mixture, followed by the egg mixture and lastly the breadcrumbs. Set aside on a clean board.
  • Heat 2 tbsp of The Good Oil Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil in a large fry-pan (preferably non-stick). Add half the fish and cook for about 2 minutes, each side, or until golden and cooked through.
  • Drain on paper towels. Wipe pan clean, add the remaining oil and cook remaining fish as per above directions.
  • Toast burger buns in oven for about 5 minutes, fill the buns with coleslaw, fish and pre-made tartare sauce.
  • We used a store-bought coleslaw and dressed it with a little lemon juice and The Good Oil High Oleic Sunflower Oil.

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